By Maulana Muhammad Aslam Shaikhupuri Sahib

You are right, they depend on mosques and Madaris (religious institutions). They are no celestial creatures. They feel hunger. They have their families and take good care of them. They serve the mosques and Madaris from where they get three time food and boarding facilities. They are not angels, they make mistakes. They are not above human beings, they commit sins. They have internal differences. They are divided into different sects.

They are not alike. There are good as well as bad among them. There are some who never hesitate in giving any sacrifice on the name of religion while there are others who never care for the religion rather compromise on religious norms and second atheists in their anti-Islam activities against those who strictly follow the religion of Allah and His Prophet, Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم).

Those who always say yes to the rulers for their every good and bad, who say night to the day if rulers say so, who look at the rulers to know the truth about Jihad and riots, and differentiate between Halal and Haram, are considered trustworthy. Such courtiers who always depended on the alms from the higher authorities were rewarded in different manners for their extra-ordinary and unjust support to the rulers. They also get packets of cash and grants for building their personal houses. They take foreign tours on the State expenses.

But on the other hand those who stick to the religion, depend on the only salary they draw from the mosques and religious institutions have always been sore of the eye. However, there has always been a special blessing of Allah in the bread such religious people earn by serving mosques and religions institutions. They can never become anti-religion, they never compromise on their religion. They can get beheaded but can never bow before the atheists.

They are always sincere to the religion of Islam. These were the people who preferred to sit on the mat in mosques and Madaris and eliminated anti-Islam forces at a time when it was being apprehended that days of Islam had been numbered in Hindustan, and shortly the Islamic civilization will be converted into Hindu civilization. Moreover, when the plan to convert Hindustan into Christianity which was backed by the West, it were only Muslim clerics who came forward, endured hardship, faced imprisonment, remained in exile, lost their properties and loved ones, some died in jails and skins of some were peeled off their bodies, but they eliminated the anti-Islam plan of the West and proved on the anti-Islam forces that as long as people who love mosques and Madaris are alive, neither anti-Islam forces can succeed in their nefarious designs nor they can herald non-Islamic religion successfully.

The loyalty of these Muslim clerics is beyond any doubt. They have crystal clear past and they are never accused of doing against the Constitution of the country. But, whenever the country faced hard time, they came forward and extended all out help to the State and the administration. Either it was 1965 war or 1971 tragedy, none of these religious people remained in the back line of the fighters. Some joined volunteer services, some encourages masses in their orations from mosques, some prayed to Allah Almighty with tears in their eyes and some took out protest processions in every nook and corner to unite the nation and bring them at one platform.

These servants of Madaris neither expressed disliking and hatred to the present day education nor they gave a Fatwa on learning the foreign language. Neither they looked at the college students with disliking nor they s ubbish against the foreign education.

When Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind, Maulana Mehmood Hussain (رحمۃ اللہ علیہ) was on the deathbed and could not walk without any support, he proceeded to Aligarh. With the support and help of two persons he went to the ground and addressed a large gathering. Excerpts of his historic speech are as follows:

My children, when I noticed that our youth are more concentrating on the schools and colleges than the religious institutions and education at mosques, I, in association with a few of my close friends and well-wishers came to Aligarh and established a strong relation between Deoband and Aligarh at two places. The research workers know that neither me nor my predecessors and forefathers ever opposed learning of alien language and never gave any Fatwa against it. However, I said only this much that opting for English education infests our own ure, civilization and religion and Nazarenism overwhelms the religious faith. If this is so then I would prefer to be illiterate than becoming educated in foreign faculties.

The apprehension of Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind is cent per cent true. What he apprehended the present day Muslims are witnessing the same. Most of those who opted for foreign education have joined hands with anti-Islam forces and making fun of religious people. In some cases the punishment under Islamic laws are termed brutality and in some cases observing purdah by the Muslim women is declared hindrance in the way of progress and prosperity. In some cases Jihad is called terrorism.

Those, in the power lobby do not even hesitate calling `Ulama-e-Keram uneducated and people of primitive thoughts. On top of everything, efforts are being made to declare the religious people disqualified from contesting for the assembly seats. This shows that plan is underway to call `Ulama-e-Keram uneducated and illiterate intellectuals.

Rights of legislation are being given into the hands of those people who cannot even recite the Holy Quran. While on the other hand those who are enlightened with the religious education and who are the only source to spread the religion of Islam are being discouraged at every level. They are not being considered capable of running administrative affairs. There is a lobby who wants to keep the `Ulama-e-Keram isolated, confined to mosques and Madaris only. Moreover, there are people who do not even like Ulama-e-Keram imparting religious education in mosques and Madaris. Such anti-Islam elements want to eliminate Ulama-e-Keram from the motherland. It seems that they have not yet received any dictation from their Western Lords otherwise they would never waste a single moment in sending each and every religious man to Cuba.

Such anti-Islam people must not forget that in case `Ulama-e-Keram are confined to the mosques and Madaris only and their voice is crushed then there would be a big revolt but there would be no Mujaddid-e-Alif Sani (revivalist of the second millennium). There might be preachers of Christianity like Funder but there would be Rahmatullah Kiranvi. There might be heralders of Qadiyaniat but there would be no Binnori of Mufti Mehmood. There might be many who would largely depend on the taxes collected from the general masses but there would be no one called mosque people.

There might be a number of people who would darken the world with anti-Islam activities but there would be no body to spread the education of Quran and Sunnah. If (God forbid) such a situation arises, then it would be justified to say: Those who were considered of no importance were actually the only source of light in the world.