Saad   Faisalabd   Pakistan   02 November 2007

Thank you very much

Shabir Lal         02 November 2007

It is a very good islamic site. Keep it up, best wishes. Thank you for the Free CD you send me though I haven't received yet.

Muhammad Zulkifal   Sargodha   Pakistan   02 November 2007

i really appreciate your effort for the devlopment of this site.though i am still not able to download the entire files to install in my pc.but i feel you done a very good job

fatima   london   uk   02 November 2007

all praises and thanks are due to allah. wonderful work and great achivements.

Muhammad Latif   Islamabad   Pakistan   30 October 2007

Dear brother Arshad, Asslam-o-Alaikum, I called you a few days back about the incompleteness of Surah Al-Baqarah. I hope you remember me. This message is just appreciate your efforts. May Allah bless you with his Rahmat. Wassalaam Muhammad Latif

ameer   vizag   india   26 October 2007

i want to learn quran

FERAIDA S. HASANI      saudi arabia   25 October 2007

i would appreciated to read every story from ur website.MAY ALLAH GUIDE US ALL..INSHAALLAH

Raza Mahmood   Dubai   United Arab Emirates   23 October 2007

How can I get this CD???? Kindly let me know. My email is I am waiting for the reply eagerly. Regards, Raza Mahmaood

Raza   Dubai   United Arab Emirates   23 October 2007

I would love to read each and every word of the knowledge provided in this website and really appreciate the efforts of all of you. May ALLAH give all of you ajar of this (aamin)

ali   RWP   PAKISTAN   21 October 2007

I m thankful to u for sending this beautiful gift.I think this one of the best try from u to spread islam.jazakallah

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